I Didn’t Eat Meat For 28-Days !

A few weeks ago I decided to embark on a 28 day (mostly) raw vegan detox to get rid of toxins and heal my body from Candida overgrowth. Before starting the detox I was quite nervous and overwhelmed about how I will do it for such a long time. I have never done a detox where animal products were off the list, so my concern was how to keep myself satisfied. Previously I had done a 3 day smoothie detox, but 28 days was something else entirely; no eggs (my favorite), no animal products, no dairy, no wheat or other grains, and no cooked food.  But since my intention was to heal my symptoms I was determined to give this a shot.



So I set a starting date and decided to go ahead. My intention was strong and I wanted to maintain it for 28 days without any cheat days in between. Although the detox was strictly raw fruits and vegetables only, I decided to listen to my body and do what worked best for me. Halfway through, I noticed that eating completely raw food made me feel gassy and bloated, so I modified the program and aimed for eating at least two of my daily meals raw and occasionally added in one lightly cooked meal (lightly steamed, blanched, or sautéed vegetables for no more than 7 mins).  Some days were easier than others, but I persisted.

To my surprise the detox went very smoothly with no cravings and no temptations to cheat. I enjoyed the food I made, learnt new raw recipes, and on some days I even enjoyed raw healthy desserts.

You must be wondering how I was able to stick to this tough program and still not feel tempted or deprived.  Here are a few tips that helped:

  1. Mindset equals intention: have a clear ‘WHY’ as to why you want to attempt the detox. My ‘WHY’ was that I wanted to give this detox a try to ease my symptoms (or possibly heal completely). I knew that even if it didn’t heal my symptoms completely, I would still benefit from it as I was giving my body nourishment and a break from toxins that we consume unknowingly.
  2. Be Prepared: Before starting the detox I stocked up on the necessary supplies such as fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, dairy alternatives. I also chopped the vegetables ahead of time to avoid lazy excuses, gathered new snack ideas, and made sure to have a variety of fruits and vegetables. I also made sure that there were no upcoming events during my detox time that can cause interruptions.
  3. Be creative: I looked up recipes online to avoid boredom of eating the same old salad for every meal. Some of the recipes were not completely raw but I did my best to cook them minimally/lightly.
  4. Get rid of temptations: before starting the detox I made sure I finished or froze some of my favorite healthy treats such as any dark chocolates and any baked goods.
  5. Stock up on herbal teas: I anticipated that temptations or cravings were likely to kick in, so I always made sure to have a big mug of my favorite herbal tea handy to reach for instead. This is also a bonus since you get your water intake for the day and the numerous benefits of herbal teas.
  6. Do your best: It’s okay to modify! Listen to your body, what works for one person may not work for another person. Try cutting it short; instead of 28 days, start off with 10 and keep going as long as you can. Or take a one or two day break halfway through, so you don’t lose motivation.

What I achieved:

I did experience some tough days but I kept reminding myself that I had come so far and I really wanted to benefit from all the natural produce that I was consuming.  Although I didn’t cure candida completely, I did experience some relief in my symptoms. During and after the detox; my body felt lighter, energized, and rejuvenated.  And most importantly I was eating more vegetables than ever before.  Yaaaayyyy!!!


Comment below: Have you ever attempted a detox ? How was your experience?



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