“Thank you so much for the [7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge] program. It is good. I tried some [habits] and also tried many recipes [from website] and shared many to family. If you eat right your body stays in shape and feels good. Thank you so much for the gift. I am glad to have you.”
– Aziza A., Cape Town, South Africa
“I liked the way you pointed out those easy daily habits that can change the way you do your day. You know exactly where people struggle in their quest for healthy living. Simple habits that are easy to execute and provide so much in return.  The best thing about this challenge is it is easy to execute.”
– Owais T., Muscat, Oman.
“I am just dropping a quick line to thank you for the wonderful workshop you held for us at the Muslim Elders Group.
The women found all the information and tips on healthy eating very interesting and are implementing them in their daily lives.
I think the way you presented your workshop and talked through the various health benefits was brilliant,  you explained with examples and even made a delicious healthy smoothie to sample. Thank you again”.
-Shamim R., London, UK
“I have found the programme very helpful to plan my daily life, my diet, my wellbeing and have learnt not to sweat over small stuff. I am now aware about what I eat and how it affects my well being, my moods, my health, and my lifestyle.
I now check all the ingredients on the packaging before I buy and also try to bake healthy biscuits and bread , and make smoothies. My weight has also been controlled with what I eat and when I eat and don’t have to worry too much on weight gain.

If at any time I’m not sure of anything, I  contact my coach Asia and she very professionally and kindly puts me on the right path. I’m truly honoured to have such a wonderful coach. Asia is a very caring, and hard-working person who understands your goals and comes up with the right solution and recipes for your meals”.

-Fatima A., London, UK
“As a food technology teacher it’s great to have a visit made by a qualified nutritionist to know in depth information about food labels, ingredients and health. I feel it is vital for all schools to have visits made by qualified nutritionists as this is very important right now with what is happening in the food industry and obesity – young children especially. Food technology teachers in some cases may not be as well informed as health professionals. This workshop was very useful to the pupils and me”.
-Isha T., London, UK